This initiative offers settlement options to conflict parties and those supporting them in the search for peace.

A settlement is possible

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Statements, Reports and Advocacy


The Declaration of Perth, Speech by Edward Heath, 18 May 1968

Report of the Royal Commission on the Constitution (Kilbrandon Commission), October 1973

McCrone Report: The Economics of Nationalism Reexamined  1975  

Report of the Consultative Steering Group on Shaping Scotland’s Parliament  December 1998  

Letter from PM Johnson to FM Sturgeon rejecting the request for another referendum 14 January 2020

David Torrance, Scottish devolution: Section 30 orders, House of Commons Report, 15 Juney 2022  

Letter from PM Johnson to FM Sturgeon rejecting the request for another referendum 6 July 2022  

David Torrance, Scottish Independence Referendum: Legal Issues, House of Commons Report, 10 January 2023  

UK Government Statement on Supreme Court ruling on independence referendum bill 23 November 2022



White Paper: Choosing Scotland’s Future: A National Conversation 14 August 2007  

White Paper: Scotland’s Future 26 November 2013  

Draft Bill for a Second Independence Referendum 20 October 2016

Request by FM Sturgeon of s30 Order to transfer power for another referendum 19 December 2019

Report: Scotland’s Right to Choose: Putting Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s Hands 19 December 2019

Report: After Brexit: The UK Internal Market Act and Devolution 8 March 2021

Paper 1: Building a New Scotland: Independence in the modern world 14 June 2022

Statement by First Minister Sturgeon announcing the 2023 Independence Referendum 28 June 2022

Reference to the UK Supreme Court 2 July 2022

Paper 2: Building a New Scotland: Renewing democracy through independence 14 July 2022

Lord Advocate’s Written Case on the Referendum on Scottish Independence 22 July 2022  

Draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill 22 July 2022  

Paper 3: Building a New Scotland: A stronger economy with independence 17 October 2022

Speech by First Minister Sturgeon in response to the Supreme Court decision 23 November 2022

Paper 4: Building a New Scotland: Creating a modern constitution for an independent Scotland 19 June 2023

Paper 5: Building a New Scotland: Citizenship in an independent Scotland 27 July 2023

Paper 6: Building a New Scotland: migration to Scotland after Independence 3 November 2023

Paper 7: Building a New Scotland: an independent Scotland in the EU 17 November 2023

Paper 8: Building a New Scotland: Our marine sector in an independent Scotland 21 November 2023

Paper 9: Building a New Scotland: Social security in an independent Scotland 6 December 2023

Paper 10: Building a New Scotland: Culture in an independent Scotland 2 February 2024

Paper 11: Building a New Scotland: An independent Scotland’s place in the world 4 March 2024



SNP Manifesto for the 2007 Scottish Parliament Election 12 April 2007  

SNP’s Routemap to a Scottish Independence Referendum 23 January 2021

SNP Motion on Independence Plan 15 October 2023



Consultation on Draft Bill to Extend Powers to Legislate and Negotiate on Independence 30 November 2023  



Joint Statement on More Devolution for the UK 16 June 2014 



A Claim of Right for Scotland 30 March 1989  

Report: Scotland’s Parliament, Scotland’s Right  November 1995  


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