This initiative offers settlement options to conflict parties and those supporting them in the search for peace.

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Potential draft settlement for Ukraine

Kyiv Compact on Security Guarantees for Ukraine

For illustrative/discussion purposes, a possible draft of the Kyiv Compact on Security Guarantees for Ukraine was drafted based on recommendations contained in the Yermak-Rasmussen Report. The text and commentary followed from an earlier treatment of security guarantees for Ukraine written by Prof Marc Weller.

Recently, a number of bilateral security agreements have been signed between Ukraine and certain allies. See the Key Documents section.

Ukraine Framework Agreement

The framework agreement below offered a proposal for a possible peace settlement for Ukraine in the initial phases of the conflict, after Russia’s invasion on 24 February 2022. Any future settlement of the Ukraine conflict would need to be updated to reflect current circumstances between the parties.

While many options could have been reflected in this drafting exercise, the aim was to show that a comprehensive but condensed settlement would be possible and how some of the options discussed in other parts of this website could be deployed.

A detailed commentary on each of the sections of the draft is included below.

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