This initiative offers settlement options to conflict parties and those supporting them in the search for peace.

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In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, a contribution to Opinio Juris by Prof Marc Weller considered what a possible settlement for Ukraine might look like. The aim was to show that a relatively condensed settlement could be possible, despite the ever more complex nature of the situation in Ukraine. That contribution also attempted to demonstrate a few ideas on how one might address some of the more difficult issue areas in a potential settlement.

This work remains useful, but the conflict has moved on since then. Any specific settlement proposal will need to reflect the relative configuration of the sides on the battlefield and in the wider political arena at the time. It is not possible to predict what the situation will be by the time the sides reach an eventual settlement. However, the parties and mediators may still find it helpful to see a fairly broad range of options for addressing key issue areas they face when constructing the actual settlement. Below we offer settlement options on most of the core issues for the sides. Since these papers were mostly prepared over the course of 2022, consideration should be given to how the key issues and options should be updated in light of current conditions.

Initial versions of these papers were published on Opinio Juris.

Background Paper: Implications of the Use of Force for a Political Settlement Marc Weller

Status of Ukraine (Neutrality) Marc Weller

New European Security Order Walter Kemp

Conditions for a Comprehensive Ceasefire and Withdrawal of Foreign Forces Robert Serry

Weapons of Mass Destruction Grant Dawson

Security Guarantees Marc Weller

Territory Marc Weller

Disengagement of Forces and Confidence and Security Building Measures Peter Jones

A Russia-Ukraine Claims Commission After the Armed Conflict Anonymous Expert

Ukrainian Pathways to the European Union Jed Odermatt

Dispute Settlement Mechanisms and Peace Agreements Stefan Wolff

Detainee Release and Exchange Cristina Teleki

Multilevel Peace Agreement Design: Dealing with Geopolitical Support Christine Bell

International Peace Operations Richard Gowan

Sanctions on Private Assets and Criminal Justice Processes Sara Elizabeth Dill and Layla Abi-Falah

Children Diane Marie Amann

Addressing Sexual Violence in the Ukraine Conflict Anne Marie Goetz

Reconciliation Elena Baylis

A Dynamic Political Settlement: Adapting to the Evolving Post-Agreement Context Simona Ross

Transparency and Inclusion in the Peace Process Tiina Pajuste

Transitional Justice Elisenda Calvet-Martínez

Information Operations Talita Dias

Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees Erin Mooney

Peace Stabilisation and Demilitarisation Peter Jones

Recovery Operations and International Commitments in Ukraine’s Settlement Process Ray Salvatore Jennings

Select Humanitarian Issues Nathalie Weizmann

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide Melanie O’Brien

Sanction Relief and Security Guarantees in the Ukraine Conflict Erica Moret

Energy Tibisay Morgandi

Language and Minority Rights Kristin Henrard

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